Ethos, Policies and Reports

ethos of heath mount prep school

Ethos and Policies

In accordance with the latest regulations, please see below the School’s Mission Statement, the policies available, our up-to-date contact details and a summary of our academic performance in the last school year.

A copy of our ISI Regulatory Compliance Inspection Report (March 2017) can be viewed here.

A copy of our ISI Integrated Inspection report (March 2013) can be viewed here.

Mission Statement

Heath Mount School aims to provide a friendly and nurturing environment which promotes well-being. It seeks to uncover and develop potential whilst maintaining a balance with traditional childhood experiences. The School wishes its pupils to develop self-confidence, self-discipline, and a strong values system.

Contact Information

Mr Christopher Gillam.
Contact via Louise Cook, Registrar
Telephone: 01920 830 230.

Chair of Governors
Mrs Juliette Hodson.
Contact via the Clerk to the Governors 
Telephone: 01920 830 230.