Heath Mount Curricular

At Heath Mount School, the overall aim of the curricular offered to pupils from 3 to 13 is to develop a joy and enthusiasm for learning, laying the foundation for the lifelong acquisition of knowledge and skills.

Within a climate of praise and encouragement, we aspire to develop the whole child giving them the knowledge, skills, and talents required to become independent learners with a growth mindset.

The National Curriculum is used as a point of departure, with all departments ensuring that their programmes of study build upon and enhance its provisions to ensure that every child is engaged and challenged while making good progress. In addition to the core subjects of English, Maths, and Science, the Heath Mount syllabus includes French, Latin from Year 6, Geography, History, Religious Studies, PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education), Music, ICT, Art, Drama, Design and Technology, Games, PE and Swimming.

Although our classes are small, pupils are set in some subjects to ensure that the pace and style of learning offered is the most appropriate for each individual child. To assist with this, each child’s progress is assessed, monitored and tracked through the year.

Prep School Curricular

In Years 3, 4 and 5, many lessons are taught by the form teacher, with a setting in some subjects. From Year 6 onwards, as the children start to prepare for their Common Entrance and Scholarship exams, teaching in all subjects is primarily by subject specialists.

Academic development and success are underpinned by emotional well-being, and we, therefore, ensure that our pastoral system works to support children so as to promote the happiness and well-being of all our pupils.

Pre-Prep School Curricular

At our pre-prep school, we also ensure that the children have fun covering schemes of work that build on, complement and extend the Early Learning Goals and the attainment targets of the Early Years Foundation Stage, Key Stage One and Two of the National Curriculum. Class teachers tend to teach their own classes for most subjects, with French, Music, Art, Games, PE and Swimming being taught by specialist teachers.

In Years 7 and 8, the curriculum is largely driven by the Scholarship and Common Entrance requirements of the wide variety of independent senior schools to which our pupils progress. We pride ourselves on offering an education which not only enables pupils to gain places at their chosen senior schools, but also sees the regular award of a wide range of scholarships – academic, music, art, sports, drama, and all-rounder – to our Year 8 leavers. In 2015, our students gained a total of 34 scholarships, 27 of which were awarded to our Year 8 pupils.