Young pupil painting

The Art Department is a busy vibrant part of Heath Mount life

Art is taught by specialist teachers to all pupils from Year 3 upwards for a double each week. A broad and varied programme is provided with the opportunity of attending after school clubs, workshops and trips to galleries.

Facilities are located in the basement area of the school and are well equipped for the wide range of experiences offered including drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics and creative textiles. The department has exceptional provision for animation, filmmaking and digital art using apple mac laptops and iPads.  To see the Curriculum Maps for Art for summer 2019, click here.

Pupils are encouraged to use a sketchbook regularly and are set tasks related to projects studied. They explore a fully creative art curriculum that stimulates imagination and develops visual, tactile and sensory experiences, providing a unique way of understanding and responding to the world around us. 

Teacher helping pupil in art class

Visits to galleries and exhibitions are incorporated within ‘Curriculum Days’ and visiting Artists feature regularly within our curriculum and provide enhancement through a wealth of valuable experiences.

During Year 6, many pupils join a ‘Time for Talents’ group, providing an accelerated programme offering scholarship award opportunities to senior Schools at 13+.

The Department is proud of its Scholarship record, with well over 70 awards achieved during the last ten years. A selection of our pupil’s artwork including animation may be found in the Gallery. Films may be downloaded.

Girl painting butterfly

This year, two of our talented pupils were shortlisted for the Generation Art exhibition and their pieces ‘Bubbles’ and ‘Paddy Fields’ were exhibited in Turner Contemporary, Margate before going on a national tour.

Generation Art Heath Mount