Design Technology

Pupil using glue gun on project

Prep School: Design Technology

Design Technology at Heath Mount is comprised of 3 different subject strands: Textiles, Food Technology Workshop – Resistant Materials.

All pupils study each of the subject strands throughout their time at Heath Mount within specialist subject areas – these areas include a Textiles Room, a Food Technology Kitchen area and a Workshop. Throughout Design Technology lessons pupils are encouraged to become autonomous and creative problem solvers, both as individuals and as members of a team as well as being taught to handle basic tools confidently within each of the subject strands.


Pupils working on felt designs


Pupils are encouraged to develop their creative ideas as soon as they arrive in the Textiles Room. Current pupils in Year 3 learn how to design and make a Teddy Bear Waistcoat using their own design ideas, whilst learning the basics of sewing and how to safely use the basic equipment before combining with a food technology project brief which culminates in a Teddy Bear Picnic with the pupils having made the food for the event. As pupils move through the year groups they complete more demanding project briefs as well as using more advanced equipment. Year 6 pupils learn how to use the sewing machines whilst developing their creative ideas to make basic soft furnishings to decorate their bedrooms. Year 7 pupils have been learning about recycling and environmental issues whilst designing denim bags from used denim items and Year 8 pupils have learnt about making and using transfers.

Throughout the textiles curriculum, pupils are encouraged to become creative and practical problem solvers that are able to take their learnt skills into the world that they create beyond Heath Mount.

Food Technology

Throughout food technology lessons healthy eating is encouraged and taught. Pupils learn in Year 3 how to prepare healthy snacks using basic kitchen equipment and start to learn how to develop their own recipes. By year 5, pupils learn more advanced baking techniques following a food theme. This year we have made, adapted and written our own bread recipes.

Pupils working on felt designs


Pupils are encouraged to experiment and learn how to create food for different occasions. Foods from around the world are studied and cooked as the pupils advance through school and learn new cooking techniques. Recipe books are developed ebook style and Year 8 pupils should have all the skills in place to survive future student life with a basic knowledge of popular dishes. Throughout the year groups, pupils are encouraged to share new recipes and ideas with their fellow pupils as we try to encourage a lifelong passion for this subject area. 

Workshop: Resistant Materials

During the resistant materials workshop sessions, pupils are encouraged to work through the whole design process – designing, making and evaluating. Pupils also consider commercially available products before designing their own. Pupils work through design briefs which become more complex as they progress through the school. In Year 3, they start with a simple ‘burger monster’ project which includes digital designing and the use of simple pneumatics to make it move.

Later years learn how to make basic circuits, structures involving team work, ‘rocket’ cars fired under the pressure of pneumatics using a range of different psi’s, graphic design, CAD/CAM techniques, transfer printing and most recently the use of a 3D printer. It is hoped that by the time pupils leave Heath Mount they will be able to complete a range of practical tasks that they would be able to expand upon and take with them into everyday life.

You can view the design technology curriculum for the Summer term 2019 by clicking here.

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