Pupil writing in english class

English teaching at Heath Mount School is designed to equip children with the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening

We aim to engender a child’s love of English for its own sake and develop a child’s confidence with, and enjoyment of, reading, writing and the spoken word. As with other subjects, Teaching of English at Heath Mount reflects the National Curriculum, but is not constrained by it and we share the learning criteria with children and their parents so they understand and are clear about what is expected of them (Assessment for Learning).

Courses are progressively literature based, but retain a balanced range of activities, using ICT as appropriate. 

Where possible, cross-curricular links with other departments add depth and richness to the subject; for example, the study of Rivers in Geography, including field trips to study the characteristics of the water and the surrounding terrain, has led to the creation of some wonderful poetry by our Year 4 children. 

Pupils are shown how to experiment with different styles of creative writing whether based on personal experience, description, narration, poetry, play scripts, letters, summaries, reports or discursive material.

We do place emphasis on the importance of a sound basis in grammar, punctuation and handwriting, and pupils are encouraged to take pride in both the content and the presentation of their work.

Reading is absolutely central to the teaching of English and pupils are advised to read from a wide range of literature, including both fiction and non- fiction. They have access to our well stocked library, and can visit this before and after school and at break, but will also visit at least once per fortnight during an English lesson. You can view the pupil reading list here.

In addition, throughout normal English lessons, novels, plays, poetry and non-fiction material is constantly being presented to and enjoyed by our children. Speaking and listening is also an integral part of English and pupils are encouraged to participate actively in group work, to prepare talks, discuss views and issues and also to learn to listen carefully and considerately to the views of others.

To see the Curriculum Maps for English for the Summer 2019 term, click here.