Girl touching interactive whiteboard

Mathematics equips children with an essential set of tools to understand and change the world

Developing a solid understanding of the core principles of maths and being able to apply them in a wide range of situations are essential life skills.

Mathematics is integral to all aspects of daily life, from telling the time to sequencing the cooking of your dinner. By recognising these links, we aim to develop an enthusiastic approach to the subject whilst developing arithmetic skills. This process begins in pre-prep with regular recognition of patterns and counting in the forest school and extends throughout the prep school, for example through the use and manipulation by children of ratios in scone recipes.

Developing a fluent understanding of arithmetic is the foundation to all aspects of mathematics. Building on this foundation, it is our aim that all children will master concepts, enabling them to combine and apply their skills in a range of situations rather than applying them by rote. By developing this mastery, children will be able to unpick a problem and create solutions regardless of the context in which it is presented.

Our approach to teaching mathematics is centred on an in-depth understanding of the strengths of every child. Lessons cater for these individual strengths and support areas for further development. Concepts are introduced and developed in a challenging yet enjoyable way. We use practical activities, educational games and ICT creatively to support the development of understanding. Wherever possible, we link lessons to the world outside the classroom in order to help create a picture of the maths in the minds of the children. We aim to create a can do culture through accessible and enjoyable learning, challenging misconceptions and questioning why a process works.

Mymaths and Squeebles are used to support the development of understanding in after-school clubs. We also have a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) club to further our children’s understanding and engagement in these areas. Throughout the year, children have the opportunity to compete in the UK Junior and Primary Maths Challenges as well as other regional and national competitions. We have seen some absolutely fabulous results during these competitions and look forward to more to come.

To see the curriculum map for Maths for the Summer Term 2019 click here.