Teacher surrounded by pupils playing trumpets

Heath Mount Music

The musical department has a life of its own; at break, lunch, or after school our children can be heard practising, rehearsing, composing their next masterpiece, or just jamming away with friends. Music is popular at Heath Mount and it is cool.

The community understands the dedication needed to achieve high standards and through the support of an outstanding team of staff, it has become an environment where young musicians are nurtured and inspired.

Our Choirs are amazing and have opened up enormous opportunities for our children, who have performed at venues such as the Royal Albert Hall and Salzberg Cathedral.

The Musical Curriculum

The music curriculum at Heath Mount incorporates the National Curriculum but goes beyond this, encouraging active exploration and investigation.

The curriculum is not set in stone but is a malleable object that will encourage creative thought and continually grow and evolve to suit different needs of our pupils and encourage new experiences.

We encourage experimentation and fun but have high expectations which our children regularly exceed. Through our extra-curricular activities and music scholar classes we help the children who become so passionate about music that they want a career in it to achieve their goals, and yet we also carry on showing all the other children that music can be major force in their lives and a great medium through which to develop self-confidence and self-expression. To see the curriculum maps for the Summer Term 2019, click here.

All children will have a regular exposure to a cross-section of music from early to popular and worldwide. For daily Assemblies across the school, a variety of musical styles is either played or performed as they enter the school chapel much of which is performed by the pupils.

“Use the talents you possess, for the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except the best.”
Henry Van Dyk

The outstanding achievements of the Music Department were recognised in 2012 when Heath Mount was awarded the prestigious honour of becoming BBC School Choir of the Year beating hundreds of other schools to the title.

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