Pupils gathered around teacher doing science experiment.

Scientific study and exploration are crucial skills for all pupils

Children are engaged with science at the earliest possible opportunity in Nursery, with concepts continually being revisited and developed throughout a child’s school career.

Scientific subjects are essential in developing creativity, problem-solving and technical skills and we recognise that it is our responsibility to inspire students to develop a passion for science whilst becoming skilled in scientific endeavour. We encourage pupils’ natural curiosity and inquisitiveness by utilising practical investigations in as many lessons as possible; helping children to question, seek answers and have fun whilst learning.

Pre-Prep Science

In the pre-prep school, children are introduced to science in the world around them and will study topics that can be explored within the classroom and beyond. The simple task of growing seeds can be utilised to enable pupils to begin to consider how to predict, and plan to gain their own results allowing them to be able to draw basic conclusions based on evidence; thereby taking their first steps into the world of scientific thinking. Topics include living things, electricity, forces, magnetism, weather and space and the solar system.

Science Curriculum Map

To see the curriculum map for science for the whole year 2019/20 click here.

Prep School Science

In Years 3, 4 and 5, pupils study the Key Stage 2 specification. They increase their knowledge and scientific thinking skills and, with each year, develop their ability to work more independently when carrying out their investigations. Pupils are taught by their class teachers initially, with more specialist teaching by Year 5. Lessons take place in laboratories enabling pupils to have the opportunity to begin their understanding of ‘Working Scientifically’ in a very hands-on manner. Making informed predictions, developing a method to produce fair and reliable results and drawing conclusions are all skills that are developed through the use of practical work. Pupils are encouraged to question, think creatively, and have fun when dealing with topics.

In Years 6, 7 and 8 pupils undertake the programme of study for the Common Entrance syllabus. Pupils are taught in sets and more emphasis is placed on the separate disciplines, in preparation for their entry examinations. Pupils develop understanding and first-hand experience of the development of scientific thinking, experimental skills and strategies, analysis and evaluation and the correct use of vocabulary and nomenclature. Pupils work on linking theoretical concepts to investigative predictions and outcomes.

With experienced, specialist teachers and technicians working in fully equipped laboratories, the department is able to offer support to pupils who find some aspects of science more challenging, while stretching those pupils who are aiming for scholarships. The ultimate aim of Heath Mount’s Science Department is to inspire all pupils to apply scientific approaches to their everyday life, encouraging them to enjoy science so that they can utilise these creative skills in their future studies and careers. Pupils leave Heath Mount knowing that science is fun, that it touches all aspects of our lives and that it is a subject that can continually be explored and enjoyed beyond the classroom.