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Headmaster’s Newsletter
Friday 12th May


The warm weather appears to be favouring us once again and it has been lovely to watch rounders and cricket matches in full flow this week.
Likewise, it has been a pleasure to follow the progress of our children in other sports over the last week and a special mention must go to Max and Toby S who won the team Independent Schools Golf Association National Tournament at Wellington College last weekend. Max also deserves huge credit for being the overall winner of the singles competition. Our swimming team also deserves a special mention as 15 of our children headed down to Crawley to compete in the IAPS National Finals. This is our highest number of qualifiers ever and, as a result of some wonderful performances, we have now been ranked fourteenth in the country. It is worth noting that over 350 schools entered the competition and many are single sex schools with lots more children than us to select from. I would like to thank Mrs O’Gorman for all of her hard work in training the children over many years.
I was extremely proud to watch the Dance Showcase on Thursday. It is fair to say that the standard of dancing was exceptional and all of the hard work that the children, Mrs Rason and Mrs Pay put in really paid off. Children from Year 1 to Year 8 performed in their troupes, with a number of dance and singing solos also taking place. This production was a wonderful way to say goodbye to productions in the Sports Hall and I would like to thank everyone involved in creating this magnificent spectacle. We will all now look forward to the grand opening of the ‘Bugsy’ production in the new Theatre next month.


Thank you to all those parents who have donated to our campaign. Your support is much appreciated. For those of you who are wishing to make a contribution, I have included the link to our microsite below. However it has been brought to my attention that some of you are finding it difficult to access this microsite. Therefore, to make the process as easy as possible, I have attached a gift aid declaration form to this Newsletter for you to complete and then return via the school office. Please make sure that you include the inscription you wish to have on your brick or leaf in the donation window.
The link to the donation page is here.

LAMDA Exam Results March 2017 

Introductory Stage 1 Isobel W Distinction
  Charlie A Merit
  Zac G Merit
Introductory Stage 2  Eliza M Distinction
  Sebastian H Distinction
  Sophia P Distinction
  Kimberly H Distinction
  David L Distintion
  Alfred T Distinction
Introductory Stage 3 Harry H Distinction
  Gabriel C Distinction
  Storm C Distinction
  Matthew K Distinction
  Taniya C Distinction
  Ollie H Distinction
  Jack A Merit
  Theo T Merit
  Finlay G Merit
Verse & Prose Entry Level Eleanor W Distinction
  Amelia S Distinction
  Harry B Distinction
Verse & Prose Grade 1 Sasha C Distinction
  Owen O Distinction
  Toyosi S Distinction
  Willow W-J Distinction
  Sophie D Distinction
  Matilda S Distinction
  Veer C Distinction
Verse & Prose Grade 2 Niamh L Distinction
  Ben W Distinction
Acting Grade 1 Damian M Distinction
  Hugh V Distinction
Acting Grade 2  Francesca N Distinction
  Lara S Distinction
  Lottie J  Merit
  Lucy H Merit

Acts of Kindness 

Mr Naylor would like to thank George B, Year 4, who offered to lend a boy who could not find his cricket whites his PE kit for a cricket match against Edge Grove without being asked. George was also very positive and encouraging as the cricket captain.

Elwood H-H, Year 4, gathered up all the jumpers that had been left outside at lunchtime and handed  them to their owners when they came back into Lower School, without being asked to do so.

Mrs Cook would like to thank Raphael J, Year 5, for offering to help her carry boxes upstairs.

Charity Golf Day – Sunday 18th June

Please can we remind you that our Charity Golf Day is on Sunday 18th June in the afternoon, Fathers’ Day. This is to raise money for the Dalit School in India who we support and visit each year.
There will be a format for teams of four and food and prizes afterwards. It was great fun last time and kindly hosted by Essendon Golf Club.
The price is £50 per person for individuals or teams of 4 are £200.
If you would like to reserve a tee time please email,

Du Maurier Summer Ball – Saturday 1st July

Invitations to Maharaja Mayhem are being sent home this weekend with pupils. This fantastic end of year celebration will include exquisite Indian cuisine, traditional Dhol, Sitar and Tabla music, high energy dancing and the opportunity to take part in a Bollywood masterclass, promising a fantastic evening of entertainment.

Guests are being offered a traditional costume fitting and hire service which will be run at school in the week leading up to the celebrations.  Fittings and selection will be offered during and after school hours for convenience, with a range of 500 unique costume designs on offer.  Please indicate interest when returning your booking form.

Tickets are £85 pp before the early bird deadline of 22nd May, £95 pp thereafter.  

The Summer Ball is always extremely popular. Ticket numbers are limited so book early to avoid disappointment by returning your booking cards to the boxes which will be displayed in the various school reception areas.    


In Stumble Trip Wood, Nursery children were learning about the different parts of flowers.  Children made observational drawings of wildflowers. 


Reception explored their local school environment with a trip to Watton at Stone.  They used a map to identify where the key buildings were located and met some of the locals, including a mummy duck and her ducklings!

Year 1

In Maths, Year 1 have had fun carrying out practical investigations.  They used groups of cubes, marbles and socks to help work if numbers are odd or even.

Year 2

In Literacy, Year 2 have been writing fantasy stories. They thought about what a dragon might be like to touch and collected lots of different objects to feel. The children came up with words like bumpy, rough, smooth and jagged and used them to help write a description about a tiny dragon.

Sun cream and Sunhats

As the weather seems to be improving please could Pre-Prep children come to school with sun cream already applied.  There are some creams available that work for 8-12 hours.  
Pre-Prep children also require a sun hat in school every day.

Information from the School Nursing Team

Certain infections tend to make an appearance during Spring and it has become necessary to keep you informed of some important symptoms to keep a look out for.

Scarlet fever

Scarlet fever, also called scarlatina, is an infection that causes a blotchy, pink-red rash that feels like sandpaper to touch. Your child may also have a high temperature, sore throat and their tongue may be white or red in appearance (known as strawberry tongue).
It is not usually serious and can be treated with antibiotics from your GP. It is important that if you suspect that your child has scarlet fever you take them to the doctors as antibiotic treatment is recommended. Please see the link here for further information and pictures of the rash you might expect.
Guidance from Public Health England suggests that pupils can return to school 24 hours after they have started antibiotic treatment.
Slapped cheek (also known as fifth disease or Parvovirus B19)
Slapped cheek syndrome is a viral infection that is most common in children, although it can affect people of any age. It usually causes a bright red rash on the cheeks. You may also see a mild temperature, cold symptoms and there may be a headache or general aches. After a few days a fine, blotchy rash tends to appear over the body.
Although the rash can look alarming, slapped cheek syndrome is normally a mild infection that clears up by itself in one to three weeks. However there are a few precautions to take in certain situations, such as for those who are pregnant or have an impaired immune system. Please see the link here for further information and pictures of the rash you might expect.
Guidance from Public Health England suggests that pupils do not need to be absent from school if they are well enough to attend.
If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the School Nursing Team.

Sports Results


Last Saturday a team of 15 swimmers qualified for the IAPS National Swimming Finals in Crawley; 4000 pupils from 350 Prep schools across the UK entered this competition.  The top 16 swimmers in individual events and the top 12 schools in the relay events are invited to the national finals.  This year 15 swimmers from Heath Mount qualified which is our largest ever team.  Our top  finishers in the finals were the Year 7 boys team of Flynn P, Thomas V, Joe R and Sebastian J who finished 4th in the freestyle relay.  Sebastian, Raphael J, Henry B and Molly H all made the grand finals in their events, with Raphael and Sebastian finishing 6th.  Special mention must go to our Year 8 boys who have qualified for this competition every year that they have been at the school.  This year the team of Toby S, Max S, Sam H and Charlie B swam beautifully to help secure the school a national swimming ranking of 14th best in the UK.

Heath Mount Relay swimmers

Congratulations to the whole team: Fraser R, Sam G, Myles P, Henry B, Raphael J, Molly H, Thomas V, Sebastian J, Flynn P, Joe R, Lara S, Max S, Toby S, Sam H and Charlie B.

Michael Jamieson who won a silver medal at the London Olympics presented the prizes this year and posed for a photo with Molly H (holding his silver medal) and Lara S


Well done to Tilly M, Year 6, who recently flew out to Geneva to compete in the Mini Marathon de Genève.  Tilly has competed in this competition since she was 6 years old, and came second in last year’s 2km race.  This year the distance increased to 2.5km and Tilly ran outstandingly, coming first out of 250 participants in the 10-11 year old age category.  What an amazing achievement Tilly!

Golf Success

Last Sunday the Heath Mount Golf Team, Max and Toby S, entered the Wellington Salver, a prestigious ISGA National competition. It turned out to be a great day with Max birdieing the last two holes to win the Individual competition with a Gross 71. Max and Toby then went on to win the team event with a total of 144. We are extremely proud of them both.

Rounders v Kingshott
Our surprising U11 home fixture was highly successful for Heath Mount, with the team winning all four matches; some more comfortably than others. The D team showed great improvement from their match last week, winning 15½-9. Eavie M was Player of the Match for her all round performance. The C team had a close match, winning 12-11. The match was very enjoyable, but fielding is an area to work on. Olivia F and Charlotte E were awarded Players of the Match. The B team won 18-17 in another close fought match. Laila D was awarded Player of the Match. The A team were far stronger than our opponents winning 21½-3. Dilly S was given Player of the Mach for her great work at backstop. A special mention goes to Mabel R and Willa P for scoring over half our total of rounders between them!

The U13A team started their match slowly, but pulled up their socks in the field in the second innings. Our hitting improved, as did our concentration and commitment in the field. Jenny H was Player of the Match and special mention goes to Katie-May S for some excellent deep fielding.

The final score 11½-16 to Kingshott

The U13B team also took an innings to warm up; an area to work on going forward.  We lost 16½-10½, but were far more competitive towards the end of the match.  Player of the Match was Izzy S for her great running.

U13A County Cup Cricket v Knights Templar
U13A – Won: Knights Templar 78-10 / Heath Mount 79-2

Highlights: Batting: T. Vullo 24 not out. Bowling: T. Wrigley 4-4, M. Shirvell 3-17
Senior and Colts Cricket v Edge Grove
First Team – Won: Heath Mount 133-4 / Edge Grove 129-2

Highlights: Batting: T. Vullo 40 not out, T. Wrigley 33, C. Bacon 25. Bowling: A. Cicchirillo 2-18
Second Team – Lost: Heath Mount 90-10 / Edge Grove 91-8
Highlights: Batting: S. Aylwin 15 runs. Bowling: S. Aylwin 2-13, M. Kounnis 1-10, W. Paine 1-11
Third Team  – Lost: Heath Mount 90-6 / Edge Grove 91-5
Highlights: Batting: B. Webb 25, S. John 12.  Bowling: 1 wicket each for T. Grice, I. McKenna, M. Rates, J. Hancock, B. Webb
Colts A – Lost:  Heath Mount 77-6 / Edge Grove 78-3
Highlights: Batting: D. Murphy 19, J. Whitehead 18. Bowling: Accurate bowling from J. Whitehead, F. Jennings and O. Griffin
Colts B – Won: Edge Grove 86-7 / Heath Mount 93-4
Highlights: Bowling: H. Baxendale 2-6, J. Baird 2-11, 3 x team run outs. Batting:  Z. Henderson-Lea 25  not out, T. Tilley 21, J. Da’Prato 12,  F. Rawlins 10 not out.
Colts C – Lost: Heath Mount 136-5. Edge Grove 137-5
Highlights: Batting: H. Dadd 33 retired, M Parkinson 16, S Parry 8.  Bowling: H. Barnes 2-6, H. Parker 1-17, 2 x team run outs.
Colts D – Won: Heath Mount 178/  Edge Grove 174
Highlights: Batting: Luca S with some well-timed shots and excellent running between the wickets 8 not out. Bowling: Carl I excellent bowling at a crucial part of the match. 3 wickets for 3 runs from 2 overs, many of the rest of the team also contributed with a wicket each.
Colts E – Won: Heath Mount 174- 3 /  Edge Grove 114-2

Highlights: Batting: R. John 20, S. George 20. Bowling:  F. Hodges catch, R. John  & E. Holch-Povlsen run outs.
Under 9 Cricket v Edge Grove
The junior boys started the cricket season in glorious sunshine as they took to the field against Edge Grove. Mr Elliott’s team were involved in a thrilling and high quality match as they narrowly lost. The Heath Mount boys scored 187 with Will G and Fin G sharing an excellent opening partnership of 37.

Everyone contributed with the ball along with some excellent fielding, but the match went right down to the wire with Heath Mount knowing that a wicket in the final over would win them the game. Mr Woodwark’s team also enjoyed a competitive match as Heath Mount scored 182 runs with Charlie W and Buster W the top scoring pair with 25 runs. With the ball, George K, Harry H and Louis H all claimed wickets, but it was not enough to stop Edge Grove getting to a winning target of 219. Mr Wilson’s team enjoyed a fantastic win as they restricted Edge Grove to 212.

Heath Mount made 224 in reply with Matthew W and William B-S top scoring with 31. Mr Naylor’s team made lots of progress during their match. Batting first, Heath Mount made 170 with Alfred T and Sebastian H top scoring with 22 runs. Edge Grove got to a score of 191 in their reply, despite excellent bowling from George B and Raif H.

Sports Fixtures

Wednesday 17th May
2.30pm – 1st XI, Colts B&C Cricket v Aldwickbury (H)
2.30pm – 2nd XI, 3rd XI, Colts A&D Cricket v Aldwickbury (A)
2.30pm – U11A-D Rounders v King’s College Cambridge (A)
2.30pm – U13A,B&C Rounders v King’s College Cambridge (H)
Thursday 18th May
3.15pm – U9A,B&C Rounders v Bishop’s Stortford College (A)

Pre-Prep School Forthcoming Events 

Monday 22nd May – 8.25 am – Year 2 to attend assembly in Prep School                    

Monday 22nd May – Year 2 lunch in Prep School
Thursday 25th May – AM – Nursery Theatre Visit
Thursday 25th May – 1.45pm – Pre-Prep Sports Day. Parents invited.
Tuesday 6th June – 3.30pm – Reception Browser Session.  Parents invited
Thursday 8th June – 3.30pm – Year 1 Browser Session.  Parents invited
Friday 9th June – 3.30pm – Year 2 Browser Session.  Parents invited
Tuesday 13th June – Moving Up Day
Wednesday 14th June – Blue Cross Animal Shelter visiting Year 1
Wednesday 14th June – Year 2 Mexican Day
Thursday 15th June – 10.15am – Nursery Sports and Picnic
Thursday 15th June    – 1.45pm – Pre-Prep Sports Day Reserve Date
Friday 16th June – AM – Year 2 to Welwyn Synagogue
Friday 16th June – AM – Year 1 to Watton Church
Tuesday 20th June – 8.30-9.15am – Nursery French Breakfast.  Parents invited
Wednesday 21st June – 2.00pm – Reception summer show and tea.  Parents invited
Thursday 22nd June – 10.15am – Nursery Sports and Picnic.  Reserve date.
Friday 23rd June – Year 1 Seaside day in school
Friday 23rd June – AM – Nursery swimming taster session
Tuesday 27th June – 1.45pm – Year 1 swimming gala.  Parents invited
Thursday 29th June – 2.00pm & 7.00pm – Summer Concert
Saturday 1st July – du Maurier Summer Ball     
Monday 3rd July – All Day – Stevensons Uniform shop – Sports Hall
Monday 3rd July – 3.15pm – Year 1 Tea Party.  Parents invited
Monday 3rd July – 6.00pm – Year 2 Succession Service in the Chapel. Parents invited.
Thursday 6th July – 1.45pm – Year 2 Swimming Gala.  Parents invited
Friday 7th July – 1.00pm – Term ends

Prep School Forthcoming Events

Monday 15th May – All Day – Year 8 CE Maths Listening Paper
Monday 15th May – All Day – Year 8 French Oral Exams
Monday 15th May – 9.30am – Year 3 Geography Fieldwork at Watton-at-Stone
Tuesday 16th May – Year 8 CE French Listening & French Oral Exams
Wednesday 17th May – Year 8 CE French Oral Exams
Thursday 18th May – Year 8 CE French Oral Exams
Thursday 18th May – 5.00pm – Guitar Rush Hour Concert in Chapel
Friday 19th May – All Day – Year 8 CE French Oral Exams
Friday 19th May – 8.30am – Year 7 Sports Scholars’ Sports Science Programme Day at Essex University
Monday 22nd May – All Week – Year 6 & 7 Exams
Thursday 25th May – Loyal Devoir Lecture Series for Year 7 & 8 in Sports Hall
Thursday 25th May – Year 5 to Cressing Temple Barns
Friday 26th May – Year 3-8 House Challenge (pupils only)
Monday 29th May-Friday 2nd June – HALF TERM