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Year 8 Become Crime Scene Investigators

Delving Into Forensic Science

Our Year 8 pupils have had an amazing 'Curriculum Day' learning about the fascinating world of forensic science and how it can be used to solve crimes. The team at Pulse CSI explained the importance of DNA in solving crimes before showing the children how to collect fingerprints and hair and fabric samples as evidence.  After making their own handprints using magnetic iron powder and ink they went on to use miniature hand microscopes with built-in UV lights to look at hair and fibre samples collected using crystal tape. 

In the afternoon, the children were excited to find a crime scene laid out for them to solve.  Using all the skills they had learnt in the morning, they became crime scene investigators!  They dusted items for fingerprints, lifted fibres for examination, bagged the evidence and evaluated the suspects.  

At the end of the workshop there was the chance to hear about the many career paths available within forensics.  What a fascinating day!