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Year 4's 'Fabba' Adventure

Written by our very own head of drama, Year 4's play 'Fabbadventures' was a fantastical mash-up of favourite children's story classics and an annoying Alexa that wouldn't stop playing Abba tunes!! The drama follows three children determined not to go to sleep who step into the worlds of Narnia, Wonka's chocolate factory, Hogwarts, Wonderland, Neverland and Middle Earth... Mamma Mia! By the end, they come to realise fairies are most certainly to be believed in and reject the promise of 'screen-time' as a reward from their mum in favour of more reading time! Just remember not to tell Alexa you 'had a dream' or mention 'water' and 'loo' in the same sentence!  Congratulations to the children and the Year 4 team for an outstanding show and to Miss White who brought 'Alexa' to life.  See the gallery here