Forest School

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In our Forest School, our children learn to take risks and succeed with small, achievable tasks

Whether they are searching for hedgehogs, going on a bear hunt or making wood cookies using saws and drills, the children always enjoy these enriching sessions.

They learn to manage personal safety, under the guidance of the Ranger and develop self-confidence, patience, and determination to succeed.

Prep School Forest

An important – and very welcome – feature of Forest School sessions in the autumn and spring terms is the when our children share their successes around a cup of hot chocolate, heated in our own Kelly Kettle!

Forest School has now been in full operation at Heath Mount School since January 2013 and is an integral part of daily life at school, not a project bolted on to an already busy curriculum. As such, we see ourselves as a Forest School, not just a school that does this additionally.

Each term, every child completes a series of weekly forest sessions in Stumble Trip Woods, learning about the natural environment and acquiring valuable life skills.

Contact us for more information about pre-prep and prep school daily life, or you can call us 01920 830 230 or by emailing us

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