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Dear Parents

January is a month of new beginnings, a blank page on which we have the opportunity to write new stories. As we continue with the many and varied activities and endeavours here at Heath Mount, it is important to remember that not everything we ‘write’ on the 365 pages of 2018 will be perfect – and equally important to know that this is ok! We hope that during the course of this year, our children will try new things, dare to challenge themselves and take the risk of not succeeding first time round.

In this year to come, I hope you make mistakes. If you are making mistakes, then you are trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world.’ Anon

Our pupils need to know that their failures matter as much as their successes and that the highest value is in greatness of character, rather than greatness of achievement. Our January message to our pupils is this: ‘let your failures as well as your successes define you, as in doing so, you shape perseverance, resilience, risk-taking and self-belief as qualities of your character. These are the building blocks of your future success.’

Heath Mount abounds with opportunities for pupils to try new things and push themselves onwards and upwards. We look forward to the many exciting moments of personal ‘greatness’ that our children will achieve over the coming year!

This week, our Newsletter contains updates on:

  • Boarders’ Harry Potter Night – Thursday, 25th January
  • Recite Poetry Competition Results
  • LAMDA Exam Results – December 2017
  • Our Trip to India
  • Year 3 Boarding Trial Nights
  • Sports Results & Forthcoming Fixtures


Monday, 22nd January – 6.00pm – ‘Self-Esteem Team’ talk to parents in the PAC
Tuesday, 23rd January – 9.00am – Parents’ Forum in the Chapel
Tuesday, 23rd January – 5.00pm – Musical Theatre Concert in the Music Room
Tuesday, 23rd January – 6.30pm – Year 8 Parents and Pupils Leavers’ Trip Presentation in the PAC
Thursday, 26th January – 5.30pm – Thursday Boarders’ Harry Potter Night in the Dining Room
Monday, 29th January – 5.30pm – Monday Boarders’ Movie Night in the PAC
Tuesday, 30th January – 6.00pm – Orchestra & Ensembles Concert in the PAC
Wednesday, 31st January – Year 7 Mock French Oral Exams
Thursday, 1st February – 6.00pm – Ski & Snowboard Trip Information Evening in the PAC
Friday, 2nd February – 3.00pm – Year 6 Art & Music Scholars’ meeting for parents in the Chapel
Monday, 5th February – Year 7 Mock French Oral Exams
Monday, 5th February – 9.30am – India Assembly
Tuesday, 6th February – Year 7 Mock French Oral Exams
Tuesday, 6th February – 2.30pm – Year 4 Production in the PAC
Tuesday, 6th February – 6.00pm – Year 5 Parents’ Evening (1 of 2) in the Chapel
Wednesday, 7th February – Year 7 Mock French Oral Exams
Wednesday, 7th February – 7.00pm – Year 4 Production in the PAC
Thursday, 8th February – 5.30pm – Thursday Boarders’ Valentines Night in Dining Room
Thursday, 8th February – 6.00pm – Year 5 Parents’ Evening (2 of 2) in the Chapel
Monday, 12th – Friday 16th February – Half Term Holiday

Our full Newsletter can be found here.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Dawn Nightingale, Mike Naylor & Jonathan Brown
Heads of Year