School Life

School Life at Heath Mount School

Your children’s school life will shape their entire future.

Whilst academic achievement and exam preparation are important, it is equally vital that the school nourishes, prepares, stimulates, supports, challenges and channels them physically, emotionally, socially and mentally, and provides them with drive and resilience for the years ahead.

Pre-Prep & Prep School

At Heath Mount, we know that happy and stimulated pre-prep school and prep school children learn and excel best, as well as being a joy to know and a privilege to teach.

Day and Boarding School

School life at Heath Mount School for both day and flexi-boarding children aims to continuously stimulate the curiosity of their academic minds. We have a wide range of facilities that the children are able to use both in class and during extra curricular lessons, encouraging their personal development through self-achievement.

With a combination of a high quality of teaching, one to one teacher contact and thought captivating activities to not only keep children interested but to also inspire creativity and problem-solving skills that are fundamental for a child’s development, both socially and academically.

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