Pre-Prep Menu

Pre-Prep School Menu

Our pre-prep school has their own in-house dedicated chef and kitchen facility. Chef James Bevan and his team are committed to ensuring the pre-prep school menu give pupils a broad, balanced and healthy diet baked on site from locally sourced produce (where possible).

Heath Mount School’s menu is developed with the pupil’s health in mind and we offer a wide variety of different combinations of fruits and vegetables at each meal time, as well as on the side. We give children at Heath Mount a two-course meal with extras and snacks throughout the day such as yoghurt, to ensure children get all the nutrients they need. We change our menus each week to give children a variety of different foods; you can take a look at these below. There are different menus for those with specific dietary requirements.

Want to know more about our menus? Contact us or download the menu here.

pre-prep school menu