Prep School Menus

Prep School Menu

Children in the prep school continue to enjoy delicious, home-cooked food prepared by our in-house team of chefs. The prep school menu is varied, interesting and locally sourced (where possible) and pupils are able to enjoy breakfast, lunch, and supper (depending on their activities that day) in our historic dining hall.

Heath Mount School’s prep boarding menu and day children is developed with the pupils’ health in mind, we offer a wide variety of different combinations of fruits and vegetables at each meal time as well as on the side. We give all children at Heath Mount a two-course meal at lunch with extras and snacks throughout the day such as yoghurt, to ensure children get all the nutrients they need. Boarding children have three nutritious meals a day.

We change our menu’s each week to give children a variety of different foods, you can take a look at these below for both boarding and day school. There are different menus for those with specific dietary requirements.

Want to know more about our menus? Contact us or download our Summer 2019 prep-school menu here.


Children eating in prep school canteen