Boarding School

Heath Mount Boarding School

Heath Mount offers flexi-boarding in Hertfordshire for pre-prep and prep pupils, years 3 to 8, with an option to board 1 to 4 nights a week.

This is completely optional and whilst many of our pupils are happy to remain as day pupils and never board, others try it and never look back. Our boarders have lots of fun with their friends and the camaraderie, comforting accommodation and supportive staff mean that our houses really are a home from home. Though some of our boarders only choose to stay with us one night a week, many enjoy their experiences so much that they increase their frequency of boarding as they move through the school. Pupils walking towards the boarding house

Why Choose a Boarding School?

Private boarding allows our children to learn to work as part of a team, improve their independence and confidence, and helps to build personal responsibility, all great life skills that they will take through their future lives. For those students who choose to move on to full boarding schools, flexi-boarding offers the ideal transition from the home environment to a full boarding experience and the skills and independence learnt are a great preparation for their senior schools.

The Flexi-Boarding Routine

The boarding staff organise exciting evenings full of fun as well as ensuring children have time to do their preparation and get a good night’s sleep. A normal boarding evening starts with all the flexi-boarders meeting in the dining room to have tea together, followed by a 30 minute supervised prep session. After this, the flexi-boarders get to spend their time playing in the houses or they can join in with lots of great activities which are run by the house staff. Boarders are able to use all the schools facilities so we make the most of the grounds playing cricket and rounders in the summer or even go for a dip in the swimming pool. ‘Lights out’ is between 8.15pm and 9.15pm depending on the age group. Read more about our principles.