Boarding for Boys

Boys playing real life hungry hippos

Boarding for Boys at Heath Mount School

Boys board in the main school house under the care and guidance of Housemaster Joe Elliott and his partner Laura Revell, both already popular members of the Heath Mount team. Mr Elliot and Ms Revell are ably supported by a Boys Graduate Assistant and a full time matron who lives onsite.  Click here for a copy of our Boys’ Boarding Handbook.

Private Boys Boarding School

Contact us today to arrange a time for you to come and visit our boarding school by calling 01920 830 230 or you can email us on

“I am a full boarder and I’m in Year 4! I decided to board because it is the best thing in the world – the House Parents are awesome and we even have our own boarding dog called Holly. My favourite thing is to play outside”



“Boarding is good because we are like one big family and the Year 3 and the Year 8 play together whereas in the day you stick with your year group. The activities are fun, my favourite activities are human hungry hippos and in the winter dodgeball”

Boy reading magazine

“Boarding is really fun, a great chance to be with your friends without being in everyday school. There are always great activities and you should definitely board it is where all the Banter starts! There are lovely things like ice cream parlour and tuck shop. I love boarding and it is an amazing experience which you will never forget”