Boarding for Girls

Girls in dressing gowns drinking hot chocolate

Boarding School for Girls at Heath Mount

Girls’ boarding is accommodated nearby in Woodhall Park, in the beautifully situated River House.

Mrs Irons, our Head of Boarding, and her husband run the Girls’ Boarding House.  

As well as Mr and Mrs Irons, a Graduate Assistant also lives on site. Girls’ boarding can accommodate up to 32 girls spread across 5 dorms and also provides two communal lounge areas and a lovely sociable kitchen area. Mr and Mrs Irons will emulate the great success they have had in Boys Boarding over the past three years and ensure that the girls feel that River House truly is a home from home. Click here for a copy of our Girls’ Boarding Handbook.

Contact us today to arrange a time for you to come and visit our boarding school by calling 01920 830 230 or you can email us on

“Boarding is a great way to get to know your friends better, There is always a different activity to do. All the teachers are so kind, boarding is a great experience and I recommend it to everyone!”

Girl playing pool 

“Boarding has been a journey and one that has been filled with love, support and care. The teachers have always been there. Also, it’s been another way to make stronger bonds with your friends. Bibi I have got closer to my friends and loved every second and cherished every moment. It’s amazing and is never bad. Thank you.”