The House System

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The House System is a core part of the daily lives of our pupils

Heath Mount’s Houses of Galahad, Percivale and Tristram are built upon the Arthurian legend. Pupils enjoy learning about the Arthurian virtues of courage, honour, goodness and honesty and are encouraged to apply these attributes to all inter-House challenges in academic, sporting, creative and social pursuits.

The House structure is designed to give pupils opportunities to shine outside form and peer groups. Every child is given the chance to represent their House and win plusses that go toward termly and end of year awards.

The competition between the Houses is a healthy one, with the children taking great pride in their own House, whilst being taught to respect the other Houses’ achievements and successes.

There is a vertical mentor environment within each House, where our children work in small teams across the year groups allowing for extra support, friendship and leadership opportunities. Staff are also allocated a House when they join the School and enjoy participating in inter-House galas at the end of each term.


Galahad boarding house


Tristram Boarding House


percivale boarding house