Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care staff talking to pupil

The happiness and well-being of every pupil is of paramount importance to all at Heath Mount

Children learn best when they are happy and feel secure, in an environment that is stimulating, encouraging and where children feel confident enough to take risks. We have an outstanding team of teachers and support staff, all of whom hold the happiness of your children as their top priority.

Form teachers oversee the welfare of all pupils in their class and are supported by Heads of Year and our Deputy Head for pastoral concerns. We track all pupils carefully and work closely with you to ensure that we are able to support each individual child.

Pastoral Care staff straightening students collar

Female students playing games in a bluebell wood

We are unique in the prep school world by using restorative practice to resolve conflicts or friendship issues. Children are encouraged to talk with their peers about their feelings so that others can understand the consequences of actions.

Often, older children lead discussions and support younger pupils. As a result, we believe that our pupils are kind, confident and caring young people who display excellent skills of empathy, understanding, and compassion to their peers.

Pastoral care and arrangements for the pupils’ safeguarding, welfare, health and safety are excellent and fully reflect school aims, ensuring that pupils are happy, healthy and safe.
ISI Report, March 2013