Pre-Prep School

At Heath Mount Pre-Prep, we believe that happy children learn best

Young boys playing tag rugby

At Heath Mount’s pre-prep school, all children are encouraged to explore, be curious and develop to their full potential in a secure and nurturing environment, where children have fun and enjoy learning. 

Nursery School & Reception and Years 1 & 2

We teach children from the age of 3 in our nursery school and Year 1 and Year 2, until their transition to the prep school at the age of 7 and believe that this period is critical in building strong foundations for future learning. 

We encourage a love of learning where the art of creative thinking is taught alongside self-reliance. Supported by strong moral values children develop self-respect and show courtesy and consideration for others.

At Heath Mount pre-prep school, we expect each child to develop their potential in all EYFS and KS1 subjects, and provide excellent academic teaching to support each pupil as they cement core learning skills and strategies that will carry them forwards into Year 3 and beyond.  

Pre-Prep School Extra Curricular Activities

Our wide range of extra-curricular activities including sessions for all children in Forest School, ICT, Art and Music ensures that each child has the opportunity to explore their potential across a wide range of disciplines.  

We work closely with your home environment to bring out the best in our pupils and firmly believe that it is our job to safeguard and encourage their individuality and confidence whilst teaching them how to develop healthy relationships as a group. 

Contact us

Contact us today to arrange a time for you to come and visit our excellent pre-prep school in Hertfordshire by calling 01920 830 230 or by emailing us

Children throughout the EYFS setting are kind, caring, helpful friends to one another. ISI Report, March 2013