Lower School Years 3 & 4


Four girls sat together reading a book

Prep School: Lower School

Our children experience an exciting transition when moving from the Pre-Prep into the Lower School.

At Heath Mount we recognise the importance of retaining the familiarity of a form teacher; this is someone who your child will see every day enabling them to nurture their personal and social well-being as they settle into prep school life. The form teacher is also responsible for teaching the majority of academic lessons which gives your child a consistent approach to lessons.

Alongside this we begin to foster greater independence in our pupils by giving them the freedom to move around our inspiring setting for specialist teaching in Languages, Music, Art, DT, Sport and Swimming.

In addition to their day to day lessons our pupils have a number of occasions throughout the year where they experience a broad range of learning opportunities that include; a year group production, poetry recitals, sports fixtures, off site excursions, working in our woodland classroom, camp building and choir performances.

We believe it is essential to ensure our students feel safe, secure and happy in their environment; from here they will be given the opportunity to develop enquiring minds through encouraging them to ask questions, explore their understanding and thrive without fear of failure.

Contact us today to arrange a time for you to come and visit our school by calling 01920 830 230 or you can email us on registrar@heathmount.org.