Middle School Years 5 & 6

Girls climbing tree

Prep School: Middle School

Our Middle School is our ‘engine room’, where we further develop and encourage our children to become confident, happy and positive people

In Years 5 and 6 the children move to subject, rather than form based teaching. This requires the children to start to move around the school, encouraging both independence and organisation, and giving children the benefit of passionate secondary standard teaching in all areas. The children have busy days full of fun and challenge, and become independent learners at an early age.

As well as the academic subjects, Sport, Art, Drama, Music, and DT give scope for all talents to be explored, and excellence is frequently achieved. After school, clubs abound and children can choose and then enjoy the activities that suit them. Our four year outward bound program starts in earnest in Year 5 with a trip to Derbyshire to climb, cave and sail.

The children relish this time to learn life experiences in the outdoors, learning to look after themselves and more importantly others. Teamwork and Leadership are skills that are learnt and nurtured.

Our pastoral care encourages the children, in their form groups, to develop into free thinkers and debate issues about themselves, their class and the world. At the heart of the Middle School is the ethos that a happy child will access the many opportunities that are presented to them here at Heath Mount, enjoy them and excel.

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