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Talented pupils exhibit their work


Ten of our very talented artists are exhibiting their work at Courtyard Arts in Hertford from Tuesday May 5th to Saturday May 16th, and we hope that many of our parents and friends come along to see the wonderful artwork on display. Our students are exceptionally young to hold an independent exhibition of this kind, which presents work in a variety of mediums including drawing, painting, printing and sculpture.

“Of the 10 children they have won eight awards between them already and some of the pieces are to go on tour with Generation ART at the Turner Contemporary shortly,” says Amanda Hay, Heath Mount’s Head of Art. “Occasionally, there will be an exhibition related to work produced by primary schools, but to be able to have an independent show, like this at Courtyard Arts, is far rarer, especially for children this young.”

Amanda Hay explains, “These children have been part of a ‘gifted and talented’ programme that we run at Heath Mount. For example, the piece ‘Bubbles’ by Lola Pilkington is simply awesome.

The concept of ‘Bubbles’ was developed from a Christmas present ‘bath bomb’ – a large innovative abstract shocking pink image that froths. The exhibition also includes a beautiful volcano painting by Bibi Jaafar that glows in the dark – seen best with the lights out!

“It’s very exciting to see a school so enthusiastic about the work of its children and enabling it to reach the wider audience that Courtyard Arts can provide,” remarks Julie Scarr of Courtyard Arts. “This kind of approach is indicative of a school that is very keen on art and dedicated to showing it publicly.

“Heath Mount’s art programme, led by Amanda Hay since 1993, is unrivalled at a regional and national level, with two thirds of pupils being regularly awarded top art scholarships in many of the leading independent schools. “We have nurtured their creativity and offer a broad scheme of work,” enthuses Hay. “I have taught for over 30 years and this is one of my most rewarding groups ever! They have been a joy to work with.”

Courtyard Arts is a self-funded charity and Hertford’s premier arts venue, hosting a bustling programme of exhibitions, classes and events. Its 25 diverse exhibitions each year encompass all media and include a full programme of exhibitions for the Hertford Theatre Gallery.