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Bursary & Scholarships



A Bursary may be awarded in the form of a discount of up to 100% on school fees, depending on financial or other relevant circumstances of applicants. 

Requests for support usually fall into two categories:

  • New applicants to the school, who have been offered a place from Year 3 and above but where parents or guardians are unable to fund tuition fees.
  • Existing pupils where a change in parents or guardians’ circumstances results in difficulty in meeting tuition fees, and may result in the child being withdrawn part way through a stage of education. 

Bursaries are subject to annual review. Applicants must complete a detailed Bursary Application Form, at least a term before required and provide supporting documentation which is assessed by an external specialist company. Factors considered include savings, investments and realisable assets as well as income, size of family, other dependents, compassionate and other considerations.

The school always respects the confidentiality of Bursary Awards, and recipients are expected to do the same. Please contact the Bursar for more details

Heath Mount Scholarships

Each year, we offer pupils in Year 6 the opportunity to be considered for a number of scholarship awards for the final two years at Heath Mount that come into effect as they enter Year 7. We hope that as the Scholars progress through the School, they will encourage other pupils to aspire to excellence in all aspects of school life.

There are four categories of award: Academic, Art, Music and Sport.  The assessments for each discipline will vary. Children who do very well in their scholarship assessments may be awarded an All-Rounder Scholarship, although these cannot be applied for.  There is no financial reward for a scholarship on an individual basis. However, all scholars’ programmes and equipment will be funded in their entirety (which may include music lessons). Scholarships are available to current pupils and new pupils entering Year 7.

Heath Mount scholars have a very strong track record of success in gaining scholarships to their chosen senior schools.