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Pupils Wear Odd Socks To Launch Anti-Bullying Week

At Heath Mount, every day is an anti-bullying day and an ethos of kindness to others runs deep.  Anti-Bullying Week, which lasts from Monday to Friday, is a nationwide campaign that throws the spotlight on how our words and actions affect others, and we are excited to support it with some special activities and assemblies.  On Monday, pupils and staff, including our Headmaster, stepped out in a fabulous array of odd socks to demonstrate that we are all unique and that we should celebrate our differences.  

The Anti-Bullying Alliance have chosen 'one kind word' as this year's main theme and on Tuesday our school assemblies focussed on the power of a small act of kindness and how it is scientifically proven that kindness is good for us! In the Middle School, Mr Naylor adapted Desmond Tutu's famous saying to apply to bullying: "If you do nothing in situations of bullying then you have chosen the side of the bully." He asked some volunteers to help show their peers the 'ups and downs' of being mean or kind and the effect this can have on another person's day.  The children were fascinated to hear about the scientific and social experiments that have been carried out to prove that being kind releases endorphins and can even help you live longer!