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Exploring Forensic Science

Year 8 Turn Crime Scene Investigators For The Day

On Tuesday, we welcomed back the team from Pulse CSI to host a fascinating, hands-on workshop on forensic science for Year 8. The pupils learnt about the importance of DNA in solving crimes and how to collect fingerprints, footprints, hair and fabric samples.  In the afternoon, the children were excited to find a mock crime scene laid out for them.  As crime scene investigators, they dusted for prints, lifted fibres, bagged evidence and used all their analytical skills to determine who the culprit was from a list of suspects. Our workshop leaders were very impressed by how engaged and motivated our senior pupils were:  "Many students came up to us both at the end of the workshop to tell us how the workshop had inspired them to look at a profession in policing, forensic science or criminology! They were an absolute credit to the school."