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STEM Trip To Florida

During the first week of half-term, 31 senior pupils, accompanied by five staff members, embarked on our bi-annual STEM trip to Florida. They visited the Kennedy Space Centre, experienced life as an astronaut in Space Camp, learnt about the engineering behind rollercoasters and the scientific elements of special effects at Universal Studios, swam with manatees and explored the ecosystem of the Everglades during a thrilling airboat ride. The fun-packed adventure also included watching an NBA game plus trips to Volcano Bay and Wonderworks.  

I'm still in awe of the fact I watched two rocket launches at the Kennedy Space Centre!  I also loved the incredible rush I felt during the Boggy Bay Air Boar ride and I was lucky enough to spot an alligator! 



I absolutely loved the trip, it was the best seven days of my life!  Swimming with manatees was so cool!