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New Nurture Dog Luna Joins The Team

Girl hugs new nurture dog Luna who helps with pastoral care and wellbeing at Heath Mount

Reception Pupils Enjoy Story Time With Luna

We were thrilled to welcome another school nurture dog to our pastoral team this week.  Luna, a loveable two-and-a-half year old working cocker, will be coming into Heath Mount on a regular basis with her owner Miss Emmerson.  Yesterday, Luna helped Miss Emmerson re-tell Julia Donaldson's story 'The Hospital Dog' to children in Reception.  The children loved hearing how Luna is, in fact, a real-life hospital dog just like Dot the Dalmatian in the story.  Twice a month, Luna visits poorly children undergoing treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital; providing gentle reassurance and bringing smiles wherever she goes.  

Miss Emmerson reads The Hospital Dog to pupils with Luna, our school nurture dogLuna joins Eric, our other friendly nurture dog, as part of our holistic approach to wellbeing in school.  Studies have shown that simply stroking a dog lowers the stress hormone cortisone.  School nurture dogs are known to boost children's confidence when they are learning to read or reduce anxiety, for example keeping them calm and relaxed when taking a test.  Having dogs in school also helps children to learn how to interact safely and respectfully around animals.