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Nutrition Day

Child drinks spinach smoothie to celebrate nutrition day and healthy eating at Heath Mount

Pupils Explore New Flavours And Foods For Healthy Bodies

Yesterday, we welcomed Holroyd Howe nutritionist Ellie to talk to pupils about the benefits of different 'superfoods' and how wholegrains, probiotics and 'eating the rainbow' can improve our wellbeing and ensure we have good gut health.

Nutritionist pours healthy smoothies for pupils during Nutrition Day
Ellie serves up some spinach and banana smoothie

In break times, Prep School pupils were invited to our 'tasting table' to try some new flavour combinations and see how easy it is to incorporate delicious nutritional food into their daily diet. The spinach and banana smoothies proved hugely popular, closely followed by the seed bars, kale salad and falafel with a sweet chilli sauce.  Nursery pupils, meanwhile, loved trying the colourful fruits on the rainbow platter and looking at different vegetables, including a big purple cauliflower.

Year 7 participated in a special session focussed on the gut and were fascinated to hear that a typical adult human body consists of about 30 trillion human cells and about 38 trillion bacteria! At the end of the talk, they had a go at making their own savoury, fibre-rich dip from peas, chickpeas, lime and chillies and were challenged to try and eat 30 different plant-based foods over the next week!

"I really enjoyed the session, I thought it was interesting learning about the gut bacteria andSeed power bars, kale super salad, spinach and banana smoothies and chickpea falafels on offer for school nutrition day fun making the pea dip. It is good that we are going to be challenged to eat more of a range of vegetables and fruits; I am going to attempt the '30 plant foods in a week' challenge." 
Arthur, Year 7