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Learning In Lockdown

The remote curriculum: what is taught to pupils at home?

Heath Mount provides simple and immediate access to remote learning if required, with pupils being able to Zoom directly into their lessons taught by the class teacher. All children follow a revised timetable to reduce the amount of screen time and maximise the breadth of the curriculum. This model, therefore, allows pupils to interact with their form, classes and teachers as if they were in school. The curriculum itself closely mirrors the in-school curriculum wherever possible. As they are unable to deliver the usual in school curriculum due to the practical nature of the subject, music, DT, drama, computing, art and sport produce a bespoke curriculum which focuses on creativity and skills progression. 

Remote teaching and study time each day

Although pupils cover all subject areas during a lockdown, we have made adaptations to the school day to factor in screen time. This includes slightly shortened lessons to allow for regular screen breaks and a shorter school day to help balance home and school life.

Pupils are expected to attend all lessons: English, Maths, Science, French, Latin/Spanish, History, Geography, TPR and PSHEE. Recognising the demands of remote education, the attendance of the following non-core lessons is ordinarily expected: Art, DT, Games, Music and Computing. However, if parents feel their children need a screen break or wish to use these times for exercise/wellbeing, we are able to accommodate this.

Pupils will continue to have Individual Music Lessons as normal although these will also take place remotely.

Home reading expectations continue to be set as normal.

Accessing remote education

Heath Mount uses two platforms for our remote education. Zoom is used for live teaching from Nursery - Year 8 and OneNote, a learning platform, is used by pupils in Years 5 - 8 and teachers to share resources. If a child has technical requirements at home, the IT Helpdesk is able to support, providing devices where needed.

How will my child be taught remotely?

Pupils will have access to all live lessons through an individual timetable with Zoom links embedded within it. Resources are shared through OneNote, including access to programmes usually used in school such as, Doddle, ClickView , ActiveLearn (for Languages), SpellingFrame and Dr Frost Maths. All pupils receive a personalised timetable with the relevant links attached so that setting and additional support sessions can continue where possible.

Engagement and feedback

We expect all pupils to engage with remote education and monitor their attendance as normal. We have provided parents with advice on equipment, online safety and supporting their children’s mental health and emotional wellbeing at this time. For further support, pupils have frequent contact with their Form Tutors who remain the main point of contact between home and school.

How will you access my child’s work and progress?

Continuous, live feedback is given to children throughout Zoom lessons by the class teacher and teaching assistants. Verbal feedback is linked to the learning objectives with specific successes praised and next steps highlighted in line with the School’s feedback policy.

Recorded work from Nursery to Year 4 can be submitted to the teacher via email for additional feedback if required or requested by the teacher.

In Years 5-8, pupils’ work is submitted on OneNote allowing teachers to monitor, assess and support children in live time and to provide feedback as normal, in line with our feedback policy. All feedback can be viewed on OneNote. Pupils in Year 4 and below send work to their teachers for marking. Any concerns over progress will be communicated to the relevant Head of Department and also the pupil’s Form Tutor who remains the main point of contact between school and home.

Additional support for pupils with particular needs

All individual Learning Support lessons continue as Zoom sessions where possible. Small group interventions, such as spelling interventions, also continue as normal over Zoom.

Remote education for self-isolating pupils

When the school is open for all pupils, self-isolating pupils continue to have access to the curriculum via OneNote (Years 5 - 8) or through tasks being sent home (Nursery - Year 4). All self-isolating pupils will have English and maths taught to them live each day and other work is set for them to complete independently. They follow their normal homework timetable and maintain daily contact with their Form Tutor over Zoom.