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Senior School

The final two years at Heath Mount enable children to remain children but develop into responsible, fully independent learners and young people. There are many leadership opportunities available to assist in their development and ensure that they are fully equipped for the demands and challenges of Senior School life when they move on at the end of Year 8. Pastoral care remains high and children stay as a form group for two years, with a mix of Year 7 and 8 pupils in each form, helping them to support each other and become mentors for the younger cohort when in Year 8. 

Depending on their choice of future school, children follow either the Heath Mount Libellum or Common Entrance pathway of study as they begin Year 7, both of which prepare the children for entry into their chosen school. We work with each child to ensure that standards are maintained if they have already gained a place for Year 9 or support children’s individual entry requirements if they are sitting examinations over the course of Years 7 and 8 at the future school.

Internal scholarships are available as children enter Year 7 for those who are academically highly able, who excel on the sports field or who are identified as being talented artists or musicians. Our scholars have opportunities to participate in enrichment activities to refine their skills and develop their talents. These enrichment activities can include workshops, visits to pertinent locations, the development of presentation skills, as well as listening to guest speakers.