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In this digitally-focussed age it is more important than ever that pupils can navigate an on-line world safely and with confidence. The computing curriculum encourages problem solving, logical thinking, innovation and a wide skill set underpinned by e-safety awareness.

In the Pre-Prep our youngest pupils gain essential keyboard skills and mouse control using Word and start to understand basic algorithms using bee-bots before moving on to debugging, coding and word processing. As they join Year 3 and 4, pupils navigate the Office 365 environment, begin to develop touch-typing skills and start to make simple animations and create their own programs through Espresso Coding and They investigate different problem-solving techniques and discuss the social impact of the Internet.

In the Prep school the children build on their word processing skills as well as learning about web development, HTML and CSS coding to make their own websites.  They create animations through Scratch and use Python to build their programming and text-based coding skills. In their final year the pupils learn to handle data through spreadsheet modelling with formulas and conditional formatting.

The computing department has dedicated computer suites in the Pre-Prep and Prep schools and provides over 40 desktop computers for pupils to use in lessons and beyond.  We also embrace mobile technologies in our teaching and to facilitate learning across the school.  We believe in giving pupils a cross-platform experience and they will regularly use ipads or laptops to engage in learning opportunities and projects in every area of the school.

Pupils employ their computing skills across the curriculum in a variety of ways.  For example, in DT pupils will often use CAD systems to design elements of a "big build".  In the arts, pupils use ipads to create and record music as well as produce their own animations and films.  In everyday school life, pupils use Office 365 to collaborate and share on joint projects and class activities.

Our pupils recognise the importance of e-safety from the very start, with dedicated lessons focussed solely on Internet safety and e-safety messages reinforced throughout all computing-based lessons.  We regularly inform parents of important online safety matters through our newsletter, often sharing links to useful resources, information and tools and also invite pupils and parents to specialist talks about the impact of Internet use on our lives.

To view our Computing Curriculum Map click here