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PSHE (personal, social, health and economic) lessons at Heath Mount play an integral role in our whole school approach to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our pupils.  

Our programme of study promotes students’ personal, social and emotional growth and helps teach them not only to be positive and responsible citizens within society, but also happy and healthy individuals. 

Coverage of topics includes: physical health and mental well-being, financial capability, career choices, rights, rules and responsibilities, relationships and sex education and personal safety. Through the exploration of these and other topics, pupils are supported in developing their individual self-esteem, as well as social skills, emotional intelligence, knowledge and understanding of society and the ability to foster successful, safe relationships with others.  

Alongside dedicated lessons, PSHE is delivered both implicitly and explicitly across the curriculum and themes are linked to our assembly programme, curriculum enrichment, awareness days, charity ventures and general school ethos.  

We consider the teaching of PSHE to be a collective responsibility, recognising that staff, parents, families, visitors and the wider community, all play a valuable role in the development of our children as they prepare for the opportunities, responsibilities, challenges and experiences of future life. 

Click on the link to view our Summer Term PSHEE Curriculum Map